PA Kick-Off to the New School Year!

Wow what a turn out for our first PA meeting! We are so excited to have had over 50+ parents join us this morning to start our new school year. This first meeting was really about introducing our PA Board and putting a face to a name when you have questions or concerns and need to know who to go to! I invite you to check out our About Us page on the website to get to know us more. 


As for me, your PA President, this marks our 3rd year at Cornerstone Christian, and much like you we love not just the school but all the families that make up our school. CCA strives to be a welcoming place - not just a place where your kids come to learn - but a place where your children experience Christ, fellowship, and community. So for PA when we were thinking about how we wanted to shape our year and the theme we wanted to build on it became clear we wanted to promote community and relationships not just with the kids but the families and most importantly within the parents.

All of the initiatives we have made this year were created with this intention. I have prayed over my Board members, over our future Room Moms and our volunteers. Just know that you have been thought of, and planned for before you walked into the building today. We as a board have been preparing for this year since last May and we are so excited to share the vision for this year with you! We can't do any of the amazing things we have planned without YOU! 

As we enter this new school year I have a huge ask of you - please pray for us. Please pray for the school, its administrators, the children, and prayerfully consider your involvement this year and where you can help. This may mean pursuing a coordinator position or it may mean just showing up to the meetings or simply encouraging a fellow parent you encounter in the pick up line. Whatever level God is calling you to we are grateful and can't wait to serve our school together with you this year! 


Ashley Northrup