Tips for an Easier Back to School

Back to school is always a big transition for children and parents. Below are some tips to help get you ready one week to one day ahead!


One Week Before School

  • Get back in your routine. Those early mornings can be tough. Eliminate some of the stress by getting back into a regular bedtime and wake-up time routines. Also try planning events for the days leading up to school where your child will have to eat and leave the house around the same time they would if they were in school. Plan lunch hours for a similar time as their school lunch as well. 
  • Set up a homework station. Designate a time and place for homework each day—and a place to put papers from school. Choose a time and location that is convenient in case your child needs help.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. Find a sitter who you can call of for sick-days, unexpected pick-ups, or after-school-care. Register for CCA’s extended care to avoid drop-in fees on days you have to drop-off early or pick-up late. 
  • Make an after-school game plan. Note pick-up schedules for your grade. Make and discuss your after-school plans with your child. Click here for a listing of CCA after-school activities. 
  • Scale back screen time. Screen time usually goes up over the summer. Start scaling back and getting kids back in the habit of reading or playing screen-free games. 
  • Review school material and information. Read that back-to-school packet and handouts from Meet the Teacher. Download the student handbook from RenWeb. Mark upcoming dates in your calendar so you can be sure to keep up with school events.